Public analytics

The idea

Showing off the analytics of a website publicly on the website itself has always felt interesting to me. So that's what I'm thinking of doing. Even though there's just a few hundred visits a month, it just feels like a fun thing to do.

If possible, I'd like to share the following:

  • Amount of visitors
  • Refferrers of visitors
  • Popular pages
  • Changes in traffic through time

The details

I'm a big fan of Cloudflare (cookie-less) analytics, so I'm thinking of simply fetching the analytics directly through its API and show the most interesting parts on its own page using some super-simple data visualization library. Rechart?

Since this site is statically generated, the stats will only be updated on each deploy / commit. That's okay though, I actually kinda like that idea.

The page has to have a minimal aesthetic and match the rest of the pages on the site. I'll use Adobe XD to design some ideas and Webflow (& DevLink) to develop the needed components.

The result

Not completed.