Site activity heatmap

The idea

I'd like to create a activity heatmap similar to Github profiles, in which the activity of updates of this site gets registered by colored squares for every day of the year.

It could be really simple. Something like:

  • A grid w/ gray squares for each day of a full year
  • The current day gray square gets "bluer" with every update
  • Fin.

This heatmap should probably have its own page on my site. Or should it? It could also be placed on the public site analytics page. It has to be very minimal and beautiful though.

The details

I need to figure out how to register updates. The simplest way I can think of right now (at 12:34 AM on a Wednesday) is to use the Github API to track commits to my repo, similarly to what I'm doing on my /changelog page.

Making a square bluer could be done using its RGB value, which changes different color channels by some factor with every registered update to the site.

Something like:

r = r * factor;
g = g * factor;
b = b * factor;

The result

Not completed.