Actually well produced Midwest Emo tracks

The idea

Recently I've found the music genre Midwest Emo. How I didn't find this genre earlier is beyond me, but I absolutely love it. At least some of it.

For some reason, there is a lot of trash in this specific genre. It's not trash as in the music or songwriting itself being trash, it's mainly the production and/or mixing of the tracks that's horrible.

I guess that's part of the charm of the genre, which I know for a fact that some people love. I have a really hard time listening to it though. Mixing & production is almost as important as the songwriting itself in my opinion.

So what is this idea all about? Well; I simply want to build a list of every nicely produced midwest emo track I find as time goes on. I already have a short list of tracks in a notepad file and in my Chrome bookmarks, but I want to make the whole thing available online for some reason.

The details

I guess this is one of the simpler ideas. The only thing needed is a page on this site with a long vertical minimally designed list of links to each track.

Each list item probably need the following:

  • The title of the track
  • The name of the band
  • A link to the track itself
  • The year the track was released
  • Maybe a super short description of the track

The result

Not completed.